Private Guiding & Personal Training


Personal Training of PULS 130

The important first step to make a Change is that you now have already done so.We are taking the next steps together – with Puls130 is all about you!

As a private coach and personal trainer, I lead and accompany you exclusively on the way to permanently change and shape your body according to your wishes. Together, we define the goals, analyze the potentials and develop the individual training concept for you.

Based on "Bodyweight Training", which has its origin in the military and is designed to maximize efficiency regardless of gender, performance and physique, we quickly achieve measurable success. My own years of experience as infantry instructors of German and American soldiers formed my basis. For years, these methods have been refined on an ongoing basis and continue to form the foundation of the strength training of American elite groups. At the same time, the strictly necessary abilities of these women and men prohibit any diet, but only requires a correspondingly adapted food concept. For over 20 years, I have been training on these principles and the training of Puls130 is based on these always current and holistic training systems. Some currently popular training forms such as "Boot Camps", "Core Training" and "Functional Training" as well as "CrossFit", "Calisthenics" and "Freeletics" have their roots here.

What you need is the determination to change something for you. Whatever your energy has been invested so far, it is time for you to claim something for yourself and your well-being - because you are worth it!

Personal training is a matter of trust - Puls130 is all about you; 100% Confidential and 100% discreet.